Multi-Domains and Dream Host

I have a virtual private server with its own IP address. I asked my ISP (Dream Host) to default that IP address to my install of Wordpress. They told me I would have to purchase a second IP address to accomplish that. So I did. That new IP address now defaults to the folder in which Wordpress is installed.

I asked Dreamhost support to do the following:

“Next step in a project you guys have been helping me with. I need a wild card dns to point to a wordpress installation at: for the domain:

The instructions for what I am trying to do say:

"In the DNS records for each domain added, add a wildcard subdomain that points to this WordPress installation by IP."

They wrote back saying they could not accomplish it.

From Dreamhost Support

That's not something that can be configured here. If I add a wildcard DNS
entry for, it does this:

It adds a CNAME for *
It adds an apache ServerAlias for *

Note that it doesn't add any A records, and it also is only for the
domain pointing to the hosting for the same domain. That is the
configuration I can add. While I could do the apache part of this, there
is not a way to have the subdomains share the IP of a domain except via
mirroring. They also could not in this case since you configured to have a uniquely assigned IP (the IP above) and mirroring
and unique IP are exclusive since one breaks the other.

Basically, you'd have to take over configuration of your apache web
service's configuration to do this since it's not something that can be
automated (the server side is the part you cannot do in any automated
way.) You would just manually create a DNS entry for *
and make it a CNAME to since its IP is not static (it may
change.) would need to mirror if that's what
you intend to point it to. I'm sorry if it seems complex. It is a bit,
and is unsupported since this setup requires a custom setup. It's not
impossible, but a bit involved. Unfortunately, I'm not able to find
information on this specific setup, but Apache itself has plenty of

I hope this helps. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate
to let me know.

Ryan C

  • folkview
    • Flash Drive was purchased with Dreamhost and is on three Dreamhost name servers. was purchased at Namesecure but is on the same Dreamhost name servers.

    Tech there now says that what they needed to do was add a server alias to and cname record with the wildcard entry. We will see in a couple hours when the changes trickle down.

    Hoping the Developer title in your profile is not just for the forums, I have an observation that might help your product..

    What I am trying to accomplish with wpmu plugins is something I did outside of wordpress very easily. The way I set things up was: - Directs to a folder with my software. - Mirrors - Mirrors

    The PHP at then decided what to server based on the request, split it up into subdomain and domain. This way, the IP address on could change at anytime and and would not be broken.

    Seems like a better way of doing things as an IP is nothing like a phone number. You can't take it when you leave a service. Also, even having a unique IP does not mean the thing wont change when ever your ISP decides its time to change machines around. Oh, I hate that.

    Anyway, I have about 100 domain names for this project. Really hoping this works out with Dreamhost as my account there is both large and established. However, if it is not maybe you could recomend a host who already has experience with both the settings for this plug in as well as larger blog farms, virtual private servers, and rented rack space.

  • folkview
    • Flash Drive

    Evidently, DH tech adding what they did did nothing. If you could provide the specific steps, I will forward it to them. However, let me first say that the steps in the help file for the plug in and the steps provided by wpmudev either do not work or are not understood.

    Thus far:
    1. I had all domains on same IP on my VPS
    2. I asked that that IP be set to default to the WP install (, DH said not possible unless I purchase another IP, so I purchased another IP and defaulted it to the WP install (
    3. I asked for wildcard dns for the subdomains of and that they point to the IP I just purchased for I sent them the instructions from WPMU concerning the A record.
    4. When it did not work, tech support at DH told me that the only way something like that would work is with mirroring but that having the domains on seperate IP addresses would break mirroring. WPMU instructions said nothing about mirroring.
    5. Then their tech told me that they had to add a domain alias for and it would work. They did, it did not work.

    So, simple instructions I could give to them would be very helpful. But at the same time, I really, really think there is no reason for the IP address bit in your instructions. I think all this can be accomplished with simple mirroring.

  • Ulrich
    • The Crimson Coder

    The full installation instructions are here:

    Mirroring will not work. With mirroring, and will be the same. The purpose of this plugin is for them to be different.

    I think the alias for is not correctly set on the server. Visiting a random subdomain (e.g. should load the main site (like loads the main site) , not trow a server error.

  • folkview
    • Flash Drive

    Almost there:

    Need to know what normal funciton is. is the main site. is a domain I added for multi-domain plug in. is a blog I set up for is a blog I set up for works just fine. works just fine. goes to just fine.

    Problem - does not work. Instead, it forwards to Is this normal or should there be a site for itself? It would seem as there should because with buddy press, there is a listing of blogs. At, it does not list blogs at (seems normal) but without a in existence, there is no place for those blogs to be listed.

    Need to know how this should function to tell tech if they got it right or not.

  • Ulrich
    • The Crimson Coder does not work. Instead, it forwards to Is this normal or should there be a site for itself?

    It is normal. If you want a blog at, just create one on (e.g. then use the Domain Mapping plugin to map to that blog.

    At, it does not list blogs at (seems normal) but without a in existence, there is no place for those blogs to be listed.

    I just visited and I can see all the blogs listed there. Where are they not listed.

  • folkview
    • Flash Drive

    My work around for the dns challenge is that I am adding a site to each domain I host rather than domain mapping for The issue with site listing is off this topic, so I will start a new one so folk can find the solution easier. THANK YOU. The project is now back on track and the multiple domains are working fine.

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