Multi Domains and multi communoty?


I am a new user and I work for a young small foundation based in (French-speaking)

Switzerland called

Our activities are focused on North-South cooperation through the Net.

We run a community website ( dedicated to Ethics and

social development; it’s open to any kind of members but mainly

targeted at French-speaking (African) countries.

Now, we aren’t satisfied with our (home-made) CMS engine and we

are seriously considering switching to BuddyPress.

However, during our tests we discovered that groups and users are

“shared” on the whole platform: there can only be one user called

“nina”, only one group called “admin” even if groups don’t have

relationships, except being in the same BP installation. For us, it’s

a blocking issue for migrating our current users to BP…

We have seen in forums that this need is widespread among the

community, but apparently there isn’t a plugin that can match our

needs yet.

So our questions are:

1) Do you know a plug-in that could “just do it” out-of-the-box?

2) Do you know if someone (individual or group) is developing such a


3) Is it possible to code such a plugin? Or does it mean modifying

WordPress/BuddyPress core?

4) Do you have an (raw) estimation of how much it would cost to create

this plug-in? How much time does it require?

5) If necessary, who can develop this plug-in? Who could take part in

sharing this project’s costs? Perhaps some of your clients?

Thank you for your advices

Best regards


  • Aphrodite
    • The Reaper

    Hiiii !

    At least one with the same problem !!!

    +1 so. I will precise some things

    – the user name is unique but not pseudo. So several Ninas can appear but attached with a single login. You understand that This cannot be change sine the user base is shared for the whole install.

    – a user registered can only register ONCE on the network with the same adress mail. I requested too something to manage the subscription on several blogs, a kind of “role request on this site” plugin, and even ask a job for that here (wpmu jobs section) without answer at the moment.

    It is also a blocking issue for me on several project. So we are two… at least !

    (for the record, also french speaking, and working in morocco :slight_smile: )

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