Multi-Domains, Domain Mapping, CloudFlare & https

Hello WPMUdev,

I try to use your Domain Mapping and Multi-Domains plugin in combination with CloudFlare's flexible SSL on all (sub)domains. It's not working on the subdomains of extra domains.

So, I have the following:

https://multi.tld = ok
- https://domain2.tld = ok
--- https://sub.multi.tld = ok
--- https://sub2.domain2.tld = not redirecting properly

It resolves in the frontend when I do not force https (with a page rule @ CloudFlare), but then https://sub2... redirects to http, even when https is set in the site's settings and it's not working for the admin section.

I would guess that when https is not forced the site should be visible via both http and https. So, it's probably this redirect that causes the loop.

In the Multi-Domains settings, next to domain name, 'http://' is prefilled. Is this solely to indicate that the domain should be added without http(s), or also an indication that it only works with http?

Any ideas on how to solve this would be very welcome. TY!