Multi Domains + Gravity Forms Create Site Form

Hey Guys,
Hoping I can get some help with the Multi-Domains plugin. I would like to use the Developer Add on: User Registration from Gravity Forms for users to register new sites under the network.

The multisite is set up to create sites as sub domains, however the Network Domain is not the one I want users to use for their sites.

For example: is location of network/multisite where user needs to register their site is domain I want users to use for their sites (

Note, that I don't want user to have the option to use

So when using the Multi Domain plugin and in the dashboard as a admin, you of course have the choice of which domain you would like to use when creating sites.

But what I am asking for help with is NOT to get that feature in the dashboard on the frontend form for creating sites....

...but rather for when users to create a site on the front end, for their new site to be automatically assigned to

am I making any sense? :slight_smile:

I want users to be able to access a Gravity Forms user registration form on where they can create their own site that automatically assigns it as a subdomain of without any indication to the user on the front end.

Hope you can help!