Multi domains: help wild card problems, Dns availability marked unavailable

G'day all,

I have a test site to learn plugin settings and configuration before I implement on my live site.

I have WP multi-site enabled, using pro-site, multi-domain and domain mapping plugins installed and activated.

I have 5 domains 1 is private and 4 public, I have parked the 4 public and added DNS A card records to each public domain

(* 14400 and dedicated IP address.

Now I have the problem in Multi-Domain plugin it states that the 4 public domains wildcard DNS availability as (unavailable)

I had a bit of trouble with this but it seems to be resolving to sub-domain sites even though Unavailable?

Before adding the "wildcard A record" they where marked as available?

How do I get them to go available again?

Cheers :slight_smile: