[Multi Domains] How to get raw domains automatically….

Hello WPMU Dev support.

So I have this questions about hosting, multi domains & Domain mapping that I have been thinking about lately.

I am currently building a WP MU site that is going to offer hosting to the public. Now with multi domains it makes it easy to people to register under a sub-domain like mywebsite.hostingcompanyname.com etc. But what about when people wish to use their own domain or lets say they buy a new domain from me through “domain mapping plugin” reseller option for example?

How can I get that domain automatically registered at server level, (and C-panel) so that Apache actually recognizes the domain and serves it when someone type “Mydomain.com”. Right now the case would be that I had to do that process manually through C-panel when someone would register for a website/hosting space.

It not that it is critical right now, because in the start that would be manageable since when you start up you would not have that many customer signups during the day. But what about later on when the volume rises, you can’t sit all day entering new raw domains into the system all day, That would be very tedious and an understatement of working ineffectively. You would not have time for anything else. Is there a way to automate this through C-panel or you have to go and take the WHMCS route to get that functionality?

Thanks a bunch in advance for your answers.