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I installed the Multi-Domains plugin, added a second domain, and followed the instructions. In the DNS records for the second domain, I added a wildcard subdomain that points to my WP installation by IP, and I made sure my site is the default for my dedicated IP. But now whenever I add a site under the second domain and I try to go to it, this shows up:

Index of /
Apache Server at Port 80

Also, I have the second domain as an addon domain on my hosting account... I tried to do it as a parked domain but I don't think that's included in my plan. Am I supposed to add it as an addon domain, parked, or none at all? I'm pretty new at this stuff... I hope someone can help me.

  • DavidM
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    Hiya liesl89,

    If you're on a shared hosting plan and you're trying to set that domain name up within your main site on your hosting plan, you may just be able to set that domain name up as a Parked domain, which would point it to your main domain, and from there you should hopefully be able to just use that within your site.

    I've got a setup just like that with a shared host plan, and am able to use Parked domains as such. Once they're parked, I just add them as multi-domains in the plugin and it takes care of the rest.

    Have you tried it as a Parked domain yet? And is the site you're trying to use that domain on your main site with your host?


  • liesl89
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    Yes the site I'm using the second domain on is the main site with my host. Is that all I need to do? Install the plugin and add the domain as a Parked domain? What do I do with the nameservers for the domain?
    And when you go to the domain you added through the Multi-Domains plugin, what do you see? I just added mine as a parked domain and right now it doesn't load at all - it says it doesn't exist. I haven't added it through the plugin just yet, I'd like to know if I'm missing something when it comes to the DNS and all that jazz.

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