Multi Language Support on BuddyPress

I did not find something in the search ... so I hope that is a new topic (kinda)!

I'm using the Scholar Theme with Buddypress and the regular Wordpress - no MU (heared it will be the same with 3.0 anyways). So I set up our site completely new and now I'm wondering if somebody has the experince to tell me what is the BEST plugin for multilangual support ... so far I used qTranslate which is nice to work with since you have duplicated fields in the admin to write each post and page in every language and you have additional plugins for multilingual meta and sitemap support for it and so on ... BUT ... I always had problems with the language selection ... i ran a "selfmade" community on Wordpress where I had a members section and List and Forum (simple:press) and I always had problems with "absolute" links that "lost" the selected language no matter if I used /LANG/ or LANG.domain or ?lang0LANG ... any way to select and pass on the selected langauge had problems here and there ... well i hope to lose that problem with buddypress now anyways but before I run into it I want to ask if there is experience already and what would be the best plugin for a multilingual site to use with BP????

Thank you!