Multi-Level Pay To Blog users

I would like to have 2 levels of paid blog users;

1 Basic

2 Premium

I would also like ‘Premium’ users to be able to set-up additional blogs (each to be paid for).

Assuming ‘Pay To Blog’ only has a single user level, would it be best if I used ‘Supporter’ for the ‘Premium’ package?

Further more I will add the ‘Affiliate’ addon so anyone can be an affiliate.

Thanks for any suggestions or comments.


  • Martin Koss
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Anyone? Please? Pretty please?

    Can someone give me some advice, opinions, thoughts?

    I’d rather not have to install them all and see what works together and what doesn’t. But right now, unless I do start using some of these plugins I have an unnecessary $400 hole in my bank balance.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi Martin,

    Both Pay to Blog and Supporter are single subscription level plugins and they’re not designed to be used together. There’s an forthcoming update that will take these things into account and much more, though that’s not available as yet.

    To get multiple levels as you’re requesting, I believe you’d need a bit of custom work. To that effect, there’s a job board here on site you might consider posting to.

    Aside from those two plugins, the only other way I think you might be able to achieve what you’re looking for is by using the Membership plugin setup with a global database table (via the membership-config.php file).

    Membership does have a Blog Creation rule, though I’m not sure a member could have multiple blog subscriptions using it, but would be able to create as limited number of blogs based on their membership level. Membership also would not keep track of the blog so that it would deactivate upon a subscription being canceled/expired.

    I’m not sure if that would work for you or not, but it’s one possible way to achieve it depending on what you need.

  • Martin Koss
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi David.

    Thanks for your advice thus far. Unfortunately I am no closer to having a clear roadmap so haven’t yet implemented any of the functions. I’m still comparing what other networks are doing to implement varied payment levels and registrations. For example; just looking at wpmudev’s own registration which goes to a nice list of payment options followed by a custom ‘subscribe’ form… I’m guessing this, like Edublogs, is all custom and not using the same plugins as we have available?

    I shall continue to scratch my head…

    All the best.


  • mmedia
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hello! This is something that interests me as well and it looks like it has not been 100% resolved for the OP? Is it possible to use the Membership plugin to have different levels for new multi-site users? For example, at sign-up their are options to purchase yearly subscriptions for a Basic membership, an Advanced membership or a Pro membership. I would need the ability for the plugin to know when the Paypal subscription is cancelled (as well as offer unsubscribing from the backend).

    I imagine I could manually do much of this, but it would be nice if it were automated as maintenance and support would eventually get very taxing.

  • wpcdn
    • Syntax Hero

    The upcoming Supporter update (Pro Sites) will support free and paid members. It seems to be pretty rock-solid, and release should be soon.

    Additional blogs can be added and then paid for individually, or you can use the bulk upgrades feature.

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