Multi Network, Multi Domains & Domain Mapping ARGGHHH!

I’m having more than a little confusion with Multi Network, Multi Domains & Domain Mapping.

So what I want is to have my maindomain-com.

Then I want a network of child domains under maindomain-com – so they’ll be;; etc.

I need to be able to:

• Create blogs on the child domains from maindomain – exactly like creating a normal wpmu blog except that it goes on childdomain-com

• Manage the child domains through maindomain

• New members to maindomain-com can create a blog under any of the child domains that suits their needs.

• Within a childdomain-com be able to create a client network, where the client can add a site for each of their branches, so I guess much like edublogs Campus. But I need to have control over how many blogs they create.

• Client sites should be able to domain map to their own domain

So my questions are:

1. Can I do all of the above?

2. What plugins do I need?

3. Where do I find DETAILED instructions on setting up the DNS / Servers?

thanks in advance