Multi Roles for Users in Multi Site

We have been working to solve an issue that it seems to be one that is difficult to find anything concrete that can answer the problem. So I will try to explain what we are trying to do and if you could tell us what we need to do or a plugin that may solve it.
We have a multi-site network that is to be used by membership(s). Meaning that we will have many types of memberships that give access to different parts of our Multi-Site network. We understand that the Memberships are (Roles & Capabilities). We also understand that in our Network settings the Users (Members) are all given a default role that syncs network wide. We have given to our members a role for each type of membership. But each member can have more than one type of membership at the same time. This means that a user can have more than one role at a time. But the default "Role" is set for all users (Members). We are set up using a Sub-Directory Network from our main domain. All of our Users (Members) are synced to the Sub-Directories and when a new person joins or an old member adds another subscription to their account it all syncs to their account fine. But!!! We cannot get more than one Role for that User (Member) to be seen by our sub-directories and that is the Default Role.
So we are looking for a plugin or help to understand how to change for a single role sync to a multi role sync whereby we do not have to go in manually with our administrator for each and every membership change.
I hope I have explained well enough.