I'm building a buddypress site.... I have several offices in different locations, each with about 50 or so staff. Those 50 or so staff are further subdivided into groups of about 10.

I would like each office to receive it's own site, with it's own news available to members of that office.

I would then like a buddypress site which connects all the members from all the offices - but for it all to appear seamless. That is - for the user to not know that they are leaving their site to join a buddypress one.

Members should be able to sign up to the buddypress site from their own office site - and be automatically assigned to their respective private group. So, if a member from Office 1 signs up, then he should automatically be assigned to the office 1 group, and, their sub-group... group.

If a member from Officer 2 signs up, then he should automatically be assigned to office 2 group... and there internal group. So if they are part of the tea making group - they should be placed in Office 2, and the Office 2 tea making group.

When a member clicks on the "news" menu tab - they should automatically be returned to the news page for their office. The home tab is a general news page - fed by RSS.

I understand that it's not possible to have automatic group allocation - but it should be possible to set up a buddypress multi-site and allow different offices to have their own "site". I would then have to manually allocate each member to the correct group - which could be hugely time consuming - but if that's the only way... so be it.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how best to do this (bearing in mind I'm a complete buddypress noob.... I only installed it a few days ago, for the first time... and don't know any PHP...)

I've got a buddypress site up an running already for one office - and its working quite well. It's just the multisite problem that is the issue...