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I did an install of Multisite but while the database appeared satisfied, the multiple sites never worked. It was suggested by Pranaya Chaudary that I might be better off doing an install for subdomain rather than subdirectory. I then asked how I could determine what directory on the site I should have my IP provider point the DNS wildcards for other domains to use. Any help would be appreciated. Eoghan

  • Eoghan
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    Yes, Ari. Thank you. I have gotten it almost done. It's been a long haul. What I need to figure out yet, and it may be obvious to all but me, is exactly which folder I need to have my extra domain names pointed at, so that I can use them. I'm simply not sure and do not want to go through a process of trial and error because I have to ask someone else to do that for me. I'd prefer to do it once. How can I determine which folder I should have them pointed at? Which files would I find there already, or what would that directory or folder be named?

    If I can get this sorted out, I think my problems will be totally resolved.

  • aristath
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    What I need to figure out yet, and it may be obvious to all but me, is exactly which folder I need to have my extra domain names pointed at, so that I can use them.

    I suppose you mean on your host's cPanel, right?
    let's assume that your multisite installation resides on public_html/site/
    In that case, you should add your extra domain(s) as Addon Domains and point them to the same folder as the root of your multisite installation (in our example public_html/site/)

    I hope that helps!
    Please let me know how that works out for you...


  • aristath
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    I'll have to take a closer look at your installation to fully comprehend what is going on... Could you please send me your admin credentials so that I may take a peek?

    Send an email to aristath at incsub dot com
    - Include a link to this thread so that I may track this issue more efficiently
    - Include a link to your site
    - Include your superadmin credentials (user/pass).


  • aristath
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    I just visited your site and went to Network Admin => Sites.
    I can see 2 sites there. One is your main site and the other one is called and when I try to visit the site I get this address: http://com//public_html/wordpress/modernrite.commodernrite/
    That has rendered that site completely unusable...

    How exactly did you configure that site?
    Did you change the "home" or url of the site?

    Do you have any content on that site? Or were you just beginning to configire it? If so, then I can simply delete it, create it from scratch and properly configure it so that you can see an example of how it should be done.

    Please advise,

  • aristath
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    As it turns out, there were a bunch of things wrong:

    1. You never completed the network installation procedure.
    When you convert a wordpress site to multisite, the last step instructs you to change your .htaccess file. That file was not changed and as a result your installation could not properly handle the redirects. I fixed that, but for future reference these can be found in your installation on /wp-admin/network/setup.php

    2. Your wp-config.php file was not properly configured. If you visited the Network Admin => Settings => Domain Mapping menu, you would see that it was instructing you to remove some lines from your wp-config.php file. (fixed).

    3. You did not set an IP on the domain mapping plugin settings. (fixed).

    4. You were using this plugin:
    I disabled it since it requires a lot of configuration and code-writing. If you want to use something similar, please use this one instead: it's a lot easier to configure, it does not require any code-writing skills from you and on top of that, it's compatible with our domain mapping plugin and will not cause any issues for you.

    Your site now works perfectly fine.

    I am marking this issue as resolved. If however you need any further assistance don't hesitate to reopen this and post an update on your current status. :slight_smile:

    Take care!

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