Multi-site development cycle ?

I am wondering if anyone with experience running a multi site featuring Prosites could elaborate on the development cycle they employ.

Typically, I use Desktop Server pro to create all my local versions, then enable version control, and as development grows I push to staging, and, if all goes well I push the staging to live. (reverse the process to update local)

This is the typical development cycle that we all know and love.:wink:

With multi-site the complexity grows but Desktop Server does enable you to make local multi-sites. However, adding Prosites to the equation has made this process no longer adequate.(as far as I can tell)

Should I consider switching to a live server to replace my local development environment when building with mutli-site featuring Prosites?

So, rather than start my projects locally I would use 3 servers (all droplets on DigitalOcean) and push through the various stages of development while always being on a live server enviroment.

Any suggestions from the staff or community on the multi-site development process would be greatly appreciated.

I am a WordPress implementor trying to level up my skills to be proficient as a WordPress developer and I am interested in doing things the correct way.

Thank you kindly to anyone who can offer a tip or two.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Matthew, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    In regards to this:

    However, adding Prosites to the equation has made this process no longer adequate.(as far as I can tell)

    Could I ask you to elaborate on this point? Would this be because of the payment gateways, or is there something else you've run into?

    It seems to be the main point in your question, and I'd like to be sure on it, before we proceed. :slight_smile:

    Please advise,

  • mattsterp

    Hello, Micheal

    Thanks for responding I hope you are having a great day. Inadequate was definitely the wrong term to use, I hope that I did not come across as though I am taking a jab at Prosites because that's definitely not so. Prosites is a great plugin, but it feels unfinished.

    Even though I am the super user, I am still under the governance of Prosites. There must be an admin level added to Prosites. A level that is meant for the super user to use that is created by Prosites upon setup so we do not have to see our accounts expiring and renewal notices (along with file upload restrictions messages) to be clear I am exempt from the restrictions as the super user but I still see the notification that I have exceeded the file size limit (when module is active) or on the front end of the site it says my account is expiring today which is extremely non intuitive (what account I am the super admin) These restrictions depend on whatever modules are active. Have I missed something? Should we make a level manually for the admin to use? This is the main site not a sub site.

    I apologize for making this sound like it's all about prosites. Since I am new to both multi site and Prosites the two are blending together for me.

    In a more general sense I was curious what development cycle the professionals are using when working with Multi site (the topic of this thread)

    After doing some digging yesterday I made major changes to my dev cycle. I am using 3 droplets from digital ocean I have git and wp-cli installed on all three , I will be pushing changes using the gem Capistrano via ssh, and I have abandoned local development when it comes to multi site. Does this sound crazy to you? In my opinion any time gained while developing locally would be quickly lost again in fixing the issues that arise while pushing multi site through dev stages. Since you can get a VPS for 5 bucks now I was assuming that local development would become more trouble than its worth (if you have reliable internet like I do).

    Again, im just curious what dev cycle those who have more experience than me are employing when it come s to multi site. I do not have a technical support request as such just looking for advice. Does anyone else use wp-cli ? I fell in love immediately and im not a huge fan of console.

    Perhaps you could take a moment and explain your personal dev cycle to me. This is my first year trying to move from implementer to developer and I am a little isolated as I have no other WordPress developers in my area that I know of, hence joining this wonderful community and getting to ask question too nice folks such as yourself. I am very open to suggestions and please don't be afraid to tell me if I am over complicating the issue which I do tend to do.

    I am just interested in getting setup correctly for testing debugging and scalability.

    Maybe we could start a "best practices" section where we share new tech and advice.

    Thank you for any suggestions,
    Matthew Peters

  • Jude

    Howdy @Matthew

    Just leaving my recommendations for the best dev stack out there :smiley:

    1) VCS - Git

    2) Vagrant, specifically VVV

    3) Text Editor - Sublime Text

    4) Migrate DB Pro for DB pushing and pulling

    5) WP CLI - manage core, plugin and theme updates
    I keep editor turned off on live sites .. security hole, letting WP edit itself.
    Also like to take backups and keep finer control on updates so turn it off in the admin and use CLI

    6) Each one of these are both free and priceless

    Hope that helps, most of the problems you brought up are fixed in this stack


    • mattsterp

      Hello @Jude,

      Thank you for taking the time to put this amazing list together.

      After taking some time reading through the links you have posted the picture is starting to become much more clear. I’m trying to wrap my head around so many new concepts that I was having a hard time even formulating a question. (sorry @Michael Bissett :grinning:

      I have so much to learn at this phase of growth as a developer and with so many competing methods, information like this is priceless to me. specifically, John Blackbourns plugins, vvv, and migrate db.

      I've got a lot to process here thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

      Kindly, Matt

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