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Hello -

I just followed this method to the letter: and I'm getting the same issue as I was earlier this year; the subdomain defaults to another site hosted on this same account.

I know Pranaya was able to solve this and I went through the original post. I installed it as the steps he provided but it happened. Then I followed these directions and it happened again.

What on earth am I overlooking? Site looks fine. I create a subdomain site and it goes to another site hosted on my same account.

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    Just chiming in here along with @hpidriver

    It sounds like you're on a shared hosting account. Have you contacted them to see what, if any, help they can offer you.

    Also, did you use the so-called "One Click" WordPress install script offered by many shared hosts, or did you FTP the whole shebang yourself?

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    What on earth am I overlooking? Site looks fine. I create a subdomain site and it goes to another site hosted on my same account.

    You say same account, so that means it is a site you own, ne? Did you set up that subdomain for a different site in the past? If so, that will need to be redirected or deleted (deleting it will take some time for it to resolve to the new site, through, so I recommend directing it to the IP or domain you want).

    Wildcard DNS works as a catchall. If you look for quiddler.example.tld, it will look for a DNS record that matchs it first, and then if it doesn't it will go to where your wildcard record is pointing (*.example.tld -> IP address). At that point a webserver, like Apache, will take over, and will serve up files based on how it is configured.

    I mention all this, because when you add a site to a webhost you are probably using cPanel or some other backend dashboard, which is really just configuring your Apache config for your site. The way wildcard DNS works, you can have it point to a single server, and then configure it from there to go to different sites, which could result in the behavior you are seeing.

    So, my suggestion is to go through the sites you have hosted there, and see what addresses they are configured to have, and probably deactivate/delete the ones that you would like to host with WordPress multisite. I can't give specifics without knowing your host, but that should be enough to get you started.

    Good luck. ^_^

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