Multi-site: membership vs supporters vs. pay to blog

Had a long chat with Barry this morning... :slight_smile:

I have domain1, domain2, domain3…. domain600

Each of these domains expands into subdomains… sub1.dom1, sub2.dom2, sub1.dom2, sub2.dom2, etc.

Right now, my plan is to do one multi-site install with all the domains… but if recommended I could create multiple multi-site networks.

Let’s assume for now that all domains and subdomains are open for reading. Let’s assume if I want a really private subscribe only set of domains, I’ll just create them on a separate install, requiring a separate password and separate payment. Not ideal, but I’ll do it.

I want to be able to say to the user, “If you want the ability to post to domains 1, 2 and 3, and all their subdomains, pay $10 a month. If you want to post to domains 4,5 and 6, pay $15 a month. If you want to post to all of the domains, pay $25 per month.”

How would we do this?

Now here is something we got working manually with multi-site:
Take domain1 only. Suppose there are two users, each of whom makes 5 posts. When user 1 logs in, he sees only HIS recent posts in the sidebar, not the posts of the other person. Ditto for the other user #2, he does not see the posts of user #1. Even though they share the same domain, they each see only their own posts after they are logged in.

So we want to extend this functionality throughout multisite. If you are a paid user with posting access to all domains, you will only see your own posts as you move across the domains and subdomains in the network. This is configured in the sidebar.php, correct? At the very least, we should be able to do this with multi-site, correct?

If my consolation prize is “all or nothing” meaning that right now your plugins won’t allow me to segment domain post privileges… can I at least have a paid membership site where you have read and post access to all domains, but 1. you will only see your own posts and 2. Different membership levels have different levels of plugin access?

  • Mason
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    Hiya alberti,

    You have a very specific project here and while I believe that many of our plugins could help you achieve your desired results, you're going to need some heavily customized code to get these results.

    The main issue I see is having user roles setup correctly where they have the ability to post to their specific domains and view content from others. We don't offer anything here that would handle that level of role management. I think that'd need to be written for you - completely custom.

    Actually, my thought is that this project is near impossible with out a dedicated developer to put this all together for you. My recommendation would be to browse through some of the profiles on our Job Board and see if any of them are available and interested in taking this project on.


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