Multi site multi domain (2 sites max) multi language


The Multi site domain plugin, and yes I know it is a stupid question but is this what I would use to make Multi site work over two domains?

It is for a simple site, but I want to be able to login once and update French version of site and English version of site.

Also, I am need to know if multisite can handle different menu names, ie ones that are in English and ones that are in French.

but this question may be beyond your brief.



  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there Rob,

    I hope you are well today and thanks for your question.

    Could I have a few more details about the setup your looking for please? I'm not entirely sure that Multi-Domains is going to be the plugin needed here.

    Multi-domains will allow you to run two or more domains on your site, so you could have a user sign up for a site at or at the signup screen. But you'd still only actually have one main site under your main domain, unless your other site is going to be a sub domain?

    I'm here to help :slight_smile:

    Have you considered a plugin such as WPML here which is a translation plugin, to run a site in multiple languages :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • Rob

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks for the response.

    What I am looking to do is convert a HTML site into WP...which I have already done.

    To give the client control over the content.

    But now the client is looking to change the business slightly and move away from catered ski chalets to 'Self catered ski chalets'

    Basically you rent the chalet for a week or two, ski have fun, but feed yourself.

    Now this market is not so big in UK as people who go on ski holidays tend to want 'Catered Ski Holidays'. They are on holiday why should they cook!! :slight_smile:

    But in France the trend is more 'self catered' so this is what the client is going to offer and therefore needs a French site for SEO purposes.

    Hence the need for Multisite WP over two domains.

    I have been looking at WPML but I don't need auto translate as I the content will be provided by humans.

    And I don't think WPML work across two domains?

    so one domain .fr and the other .com

    I hope that clears things up a bit.

    What I think I might need is the a little bit of Multi site, and little bit of WPML and a little bit of your multisite plugin.

    oh and I should say the only people who will ever login to WP will be me or the client. There is no membership requirements, and no user requirements. So no new users, well unless the client wants someone else to complete admin tasks.



  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Rob

    Thanks for the additional info much appreciated.

    I'm not entirely sure that multisite is needed here? Personally I'd think you'd be better going for two single sites installs and then using a plugin/service such as

    Which allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites all from one dashboard, they even have a free plan and on the higher plans you get up time monitoring :slight_smile:

    That might be a option worth considering?


    Kind Regards

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