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It's the weekend!

Ok, so this week has been a painful one and it's not over yet either. The multi-site is up and running and I now plan to use snapshot to bring an external site in.

I am having difficulty understanding how plugins work in multi-site environments. Example; I have added wpmudev to my network admin plugin section and sitewide activated it. However, lets say I want to use snapshot, it is not showing up in any of my sites? The same for Hummingbird...?

Should I be also installing plugins into subsites?

Any help appreciated


  • Nastia

    Hello Mark Ninnim , I trust you are doing well today!

    This thread was originally posted in members discussion forum, so I moved it to Support forums.

    Please have a look at the WordPress Multisite Manual here:

    However, lets say I want to use snapshot, it is not showing up in any of my sites? The same for Hummingbird...?

    As you already know, you can network activate the plugins and activate them on each site separately.

    As for Snapshot, you can only use it from the network admin dashboard. Go to My Sites > Network Admin, and look there for Snapshot menu.

    The Snapshot menu is not visible on a subsites. Once you open your Network administration panel you can back up and restore files from the Snapshot menu.

    The same goes for the Hummingbird plugin. You can access it only from your network administration panel. Link:

    Except from the Minifcation option. If you select "Blog Admins can minify" then it will be visible on all sites.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!


  • Nastia

    Hello Mark Ninnim ,

    Yes, some plugins can be operated only from the network dashboard.

    I am trying to import a site into my network using snapshot but I can't see how I can do this when I can only seem to import into my network and not a specific site?

    Yes, first you need to import the backup to your network. Upload the backup manually to a snapshot folder.

    By default, you should upload the backup to wp-content/uploads/snapshots directory, unless you have changed it to something else.

    Once you import the backup, you will find the file in Sanpahots > All Snapshots. Hover over the Snapshot backup file and click on "Restore" link.

    The "Snapshot Item Archive" will open, click on "Restore" again, once you hover over the title.

    Restore Snapshot page will open. Scroll down to Restore Blog Options. Near the "Site URL:" click on the change button to choose the subsite you wish to restore your backup. Enter the blog path "site1" or blog ID "22" at the blank field and click on Lookup.

    In the What Tables to Restore? click the option for Restore selected database tables and select all of them.

    Once you do all this click on "Restore Snapshot" at the bottom of the page.

    You will find much detailed instructions here:

    Let me know if you need any further assistance.


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