Multi site questions


I'm making a multi site where my customers can try out different web designs before they decide to buy. But I have a little trouble.

I've looked your plugins through a couple of times, but I can find what Im looking for. Do you have a plugin that tells people that their new page/blog is being generated. There is some delay before the website is ready, so it will be nice with some kind of a processor that indicates the waiting time is. So people dont leave again before its ready.

I want to use Avada theme as basic sign-up page. But the registration form looks quite horrible. Do you have a plugin that makes it possible to style text and form on the registration page? Again I have browsed your plugins, but I cant find a plugin that can do that.

Otherwise everything is great, thanks for a lot of great opportunities..

Forgot to say that i cant code, so it needs to be really easy, as all the other plugins you got :slight_smile:

Thanks, and hope you can help me.

Regards, Peter Hartmann