Multi site Q: how to pre-load a new sub site with real content page and products

When a user creates a sub-site on my WP MU network, I would like the new sub site comes up, (by default) without admin touching anything, to have the following things in place already:

1. It is fully populated with real (general) conent and look like this:

I mean all the pages, including home page, are automatically set up like a real business website, not a blog site, with pre-filled text and images;

2. It automatically has a few pages, home, about us, contact us, services, blog etc. each page with some pre-defined content, respectively, and sub-bar is configured accordingly on each page. And the website top/main naviation has all the menu links to these pre-loaded pages.

3. On Contact us page, it has a contact form there (a shortcode for a contact form plugin) and the contact form submitssion goes to the sub site admin email address.

4. It also has the MarketPress store pre-loaded with some products (50+) that I selected as a starndard and starting setup, which means the sub site admin just needs to enter his paypal account email in the MarketPress plugin payment settings, he can start to sell the default/standard products that are pre-loaded. Off cause, the subsite admin can aslo add new products or remove pre-loaded products.

In summary, when a user registers to create a new sub site, this new sub site is pre-loaded with all the needed page content in the right order, main menu in place, and markepress products with pricing and description/images to go live immediately with minimum efforts required by the sub site admin user.

Can this be done? How?

Thanks and can't wait to hear your inputs!

Basically, I will manually create a wordpress site, create all the pages with content, organize the order and main menu, enter all the products (pricing, descrption, product images) in marketpress, set up contact form on contact us page, ...., to make a full functional website with marketpress store.

Then, the user on my WP MU network can register to create a wordpress network sub site and duplicate my full functional website with marketpress store with one click.

If not all can be done, can you let me know what can be done, what can not, and why?