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hello: Is there a way to eliminate someone from just subscribing to a site and just offering the ability to get a site? My register form allows both: I am not sure of the value of having someone subscribe? I just want visitors to sign up to be bale to make a website on my multi site.

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    Hi randit,

    A simplistic solution would be to hide the options on the signup form. It involves editing a core file, but I couldn't see another way to a do it apart from coding up a full registration replacement like the Membership plugin does.

    For the simple solution I mentioned, you could edit wp-signup.php, replacing all the following from lines 264-268:

    <input id="signupblog" type="radio" name="signup_for" value="blog" <?php echo $signup['blog'] ?> />
    <label class="checkbox" for="signupblog"><?php _e('Gimme a site!') ?></label>
    <br />
    <input id="signupuser" type="radio" name="signup_for" value="user" <?php echo $signup['user'] ?> />
    <label class="checkbox" for="signupuser"><?php _e('Just a username, please.') ?></label>

    With something like this:
    <input id="signupblog" type="hidden" name="signup_for" value="blog"/>

    It's not something we ourselves can support, as it involves altering a core file, but in my own testing I found that works sufficiently.

    Perhaps others around here might have some ideas on this though. Anyone?

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