Multi-Site+BuddyPress+Ultimate Facebook+Membership

We are building a website with Multi-Site+BuddyPress+Ultimate Facebook+Membership,
all is going well but the last plugin Membership,
unlike it worked great on my single site test, it cannot show the Membership subscriptionform after regular buddypress register page , also it cannot show on the specific register page like , even if I had set the "join" page as my register page in Membership option menu.

I have read some articles here, but cannot really make sure if it possible to use all these four amazing plugin together, or it is possible but cannot work just because of my fault on settings?

few checks:
Do I need to Network Activate the Membership plugin?
Which Add-on should I activate in this environment? (Multi-Site+BuddyPress+Ultimate Facebook+Membership)


  • DavidM

    Hi dab,

    You can use these plugins together, it's just that some of them have overlapping features and you wouldn't be able to use those overlapping features together. As an example, Ultimate Facebook's Connect feature can take over the login/registration process. So can Membership. You'll likely have to choose which plugin you want to handle the registration as such.

    As for the registration page, have you included the subscription form shortcode in that page?


  • dab

    Dear DavidM,

    Yes, we did added [subscriptionform] into the registration page, but it doesn't work...

    We find out that we have to totally disable the Ultimate Facebook (UF) plugin in network and also main blog, to make Membership [subscriptionform] short code work.

    here is my two questions,

    1. Is it possible to just disable the registration function of UF , but keep other UF's great functions working with Membership plugin? (I've tried just disable "Allow users to register with Facebook" in UF setting, but the Membership plugin's [subscriptionform] short code still not work...)

    2. Is it really impossible to have Membership control with Facebook registration connect? Any other 3rd party plugin can do that? I would like to see UF can support that the near future, I think many people will want it just like me, because 7billion Facebook are already there!

    Thanks for WPMU's work, and your quick reply,
    waiting for your latest reply,



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