Multi Tier Question About Network site

My project:

Multisite install that creates a new sub-site when a new user registers. I have this covered using Gravity forms and their User Registration add on.

The site itself uses the Enfold theme by Kriesi (available at which supports both Buddypress and BBPress)

The site will consist of a network of sub-sites that only 2 specific people can log in to… the user that created it and another invited user. The 2 users will share a common dashboard that includes a shared events calendar, a shared private messaging portal, a file sharing portal with document uploads, and a shared payment portal where they can generate invoices to the other party and pay received invoices. We have all this covered.

My questions and what I need help with:

1. After a new site is created, the user will have to then complete a more robust profile – more than the typical username, password and email address required by the User Registration add on. Should I use Buddypress for this or maybe something else like User Meta Pro ? The profiles are not meant to be made public to anyone other than the user.

2. If Buddypress is your recommendation, how do I modify the basic form fields to include custom fields and remove some of the default fields (like the website URL field)?

3. Is there perhaps a different option / approach that you recommend for what I am working on?


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @mindspark,

    Hope you’re well?

    I haven’t ever heard of the user-meta pro plugin before, but it does look pretty good from my brief browsing over the site, it looks like it would certainly do as you want.

    Buddypress whilst is one of the most common, may be a little overkill for your requirements being as the sites are for 2 users only, BP is more of a social plugin so it’s best for sites with many users. Though it could still do what you require, it uses it’s own profile page though, so doesn’t exactly tie in with the default wordpress profiles, it’s kind of an extension of it.

    Some other plugins you may wish to look into;

    And User profiles made easy.

    Hope this helps

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