[Multi-Vendor] Multi-Vendor Event Booking Website. Possible?

Hi there,

I want to create an eCommerce website where I can allow people to come and create events. Users would come and select the relevant event, sign up for it and then pay for it. Then I will get a fixed 10% percent and the 90% will go to the event organizer.

How do I do that?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello TheQureshi

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    If it comes to "multi-vendor events" that's doable "out of the box" with our Events+ plugin. On regular single WP install, you can enable a built-in "Capabilities" add-on in the plugin and use it to allow users of user-roles different than "admin" to create/edit events.

    Payments, however, would go to the same PayPal account for all the events so that wouldn't let those "event creators" charge for events directly and wouldn't allow you to charge 10% fee.

    A setup that would let you achieve that would have to be more complex. The base would be a Multisite setup so your users (your "events creators") could create their own sub-sites. Events+ can be "per-site" enabled so would work separately on each site allowing them to create their own events there.

    On that Multisite the MarketPress plugin would be "network-enabled" with a bit of "special configuration". On "Network Admin -> Settings -> Store Network" you'd have to make sure that the "Enable Global Shipping Cart" is disabled and that would let you configure "PayPal Chained Payments" gateway on the same settings page.

    The gateway lets you define the fee that you collect from all the sales made via MarketPress across the network. You would have to make sure also that all other payment gateways are disabled in settings.

    This way, every purchase in any store (and the stores would be separate for each sub-sites) would generate you a revenue (e.g. 10% of each sale would automatically go to you).

    Then, in the Events+ plugin on each site the "Payments via MarketPress Products" add-on would have to be enabled. The way it works is that when an event is created you can assign a MarketPress product to it so when a user wants to pay for the product, he/she is redirected to the MarketPress checkout where he/she just pays for the specified product.

    Now, that product can e.g. be downloadable PDF (so it can be treated like a sort of a "ticket" - though not personalized).

    Anyway, that sale would give you a revenue.

    The setup, however, is quite complex and while it should work as you described, it might be a bit "too complex" for those "event creators" (they have to have their own sub-sites, configure MarketPress and Events there etc). However, it could be simplified quite a lot with a help of our New Blog Templates plugin which you can use to create "pre made" site (a "template"/default site) so when a user (event creator) signs up for his/her site, he/she actually gets a ready to use site that can even be configured with some content ready to use.

    Then, you could also use a plugin such as Admin Menu Editor to limit access to some configuration settings (some parts of back-end) for those "event creators" on their sub-sites.

    Here you will find more information about all the plugins I mention as well as plugins themselves:



    New Blog Templates

    Admin Menu Editor

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