MultiDB 2.8.5 when moving db to another server the db.php uses the old server.

Ok, so.

We installed MultiDB, works like a charm.

Now we’re upgrading the servers and are moving the databases to a MySQL cluster, when doing so we move one database at the time, and with the first db it fails.

The config looks like this:

add_db_server(’27’, ‘dc1′, 1, 1,”,’’, ‘database_27’, ‘user’, ‘password’:wink:;

add_db_server(’28’, ‘dc1’, 1, 1, ”, ‘’, ‘database_28, ‘user’, ‘password’:wink:;

We’re using 256 dbs, and we wanted to test with database_28, so we disabled it by changing password, moved the DB to another server and changed the config, saved and restarted PHP and Nginx.

Now; WordPress is still using the OLD database server.

It seems like something is wrong, perhaps a bug? Any ideas?