MultiDomain Created Using the DNS in Cloudflare

Hello Staff,

OBJECTIVE: Make sites created using MultiDomains plugin are added / removed in Cloudflare automatically.

DETAILS: A plugin (TT CloudFlare WPMU) indicated CloudFlare does it (add only) for subdomains, however it does not work with multidomains.

It would be great to combine this function to work together with multidomains added the ability to remove. So you do not have to keep adding and / or manually removing each site created using the DNS in Cloudflare multidomains.

I'm not plugin developer. But it would be very interesting to have these combined resources working with multidomains. Or simply do MultiDomain compatible with CloudFlare WPMU plugin TT. Or CloudFlare API. I do not know how to do this work right.

It enhances the function of multidomains especially if we want to create sites using SSL Cloudflare.

Reference links:

Thanks staff.