Multidomain Signup Only Works On on Wp-Signup

Hello Guys,

Forgive me if there is a post covering this already, I searched the forums but could not find an exact solution.

I am having a strange issue with the multi-domains plugin. It works like a dream when I create websites from the /wp-signup.php public signup form, but when trying to add a new site in network admin, no luck.

Adding sites from the network admin location does not work:


The site just redirects back to the dashboard, IF I choose one of the “multi-domains” when creating sites from the network admin. I can make websites at the “main” domain from the network admin area without issue.

When I signup from the public signup form, then it works and I can choose any of the “multi-domains” and the sites are setup and they work like a dream. I can successfully use all other aspects of the plugin and sites resolve properly at their intended domains.

I also use the domain mapping plugin and the “blog level registrations” (Andrew’s I think) plugin and the site is running WP 3.2.

Has anyone had any similar troubles? would love to be able to create sites from my network admin on the “multi domains” and not have troubles.

Thank you very much for any tips, ideas, etc…..