Multidomain.. site address must be specified

I have this issue
I am using multi-domain plugin to map domains to a WP multisite network.
So for domain "" My WPMu will response with that blog/site
An for domain "" my WPMu will response with another blog/site of the same network

Now what I have see is that I already do above stuff, I mean I am already configure it. But The issue that I have to resolve is above how handle subdomain names for each domain..
I mean
What if I want to map two subdomain to same blog..

"" mapped to blog "todopormishijos"
"" mapped to blog "todopormishijos"

Is that possible?

Right Now all subdomains of "" goes to same blog "MiCoachDeVida" but that is the TLD ... where WPMu was installed is the shared hosted server.. and behave is due DNS setup.. I think...

I hope I have made myself clear :slight_smile: