MultiNetwork want to see if setup

Can you tell me if this screen shot is a good indication of Multi Network being set up on my installation? I have buddypress MU Set up as well.

  • ITsupport

    Hi thanks! Yes its still early and I hop to fly through an install of Social for the network and Facebook integration my users are awaiting... Yes, I'm pretty sure I do have that plugin activated across the network now and Buddy press mult-network followed while I tried to populate with data plugin (its activated but I can't find the dummy data). So I just want a good theme, figure Social? Then install Facebook, I would like the Dummy Data in there first. Can Wordpress Users Exist in the Facebook theme without Facebook? Thanks, I just need a little nudge to get going..

  • alex

    When using multi-network plugin, how do you manage the network admin of the sub-networks?

    From the root install network admin, can you force a network activated plugin down the multi-network sub-network installations just absolutely everywhere with the click of the button?

    Sounds hella massive and intense. What are the practical applications of having such a complex multi-site on multi-site wordpress setup?

    • ITsupport

      Thanks for your question Alex. it made me think of the networks and all they really are is seperate tables,, where the user data moves accross tables or exists both places at once. So while conceptually the networks move down, the tables actually are in other folders or elswhere, linear right? the plugins would affect all the subdomains, but I think there are plugins to even change this or be more granular with plugins. Not sure, It seems to work fine, and I will be honest, once i enabled that plugin the Dashboard became very smooth, nice. sorry so sloppy, multitasking. Did it give you any Ideas? The guy who wrote the multi-net bp seemed very passionate, talented and focused on this specific feature regarding the state of users in a multi network environment. If not for this we would not be having this discussion, so I guess that would be the ultimate answer.


  • ITsupport

    There will be no Sub Networks used. The practical application is that the Multi-Network sets the stage for MU-BPress. Individual Orgs want to be self contained yet still able to communicate with each other and the other Organizations. With MU-BPress enabled users are able to traverse through the different Orgs with the Join Blog (and one other way) and exist in different states at the same time, where MultiSite users exist accross sites all at once. The main site all users exist that join at the main site (the other way) or at the site they first join, that's where a single login comes in. It emulates actual social interaction between Organizations within League of 10, with all their rivalry, this is designed to rid of that. Each Site is a self contatined social network, not a group. This is interesting as when the Help desk at Blue Host thought the Tables for this site where gone but they were really looking at tables in a certain Organization in the Bay Area and the wildcards pointing to its org. The tables were still there a few rows down.

    The scenario outlined wont be the case here because each Organization will be a Network emulating a cities Organization that deals with other cites. The league structure (usually consisting of 10 orgs) will only exist at the "Admin" (Organization Adminitrators) bylaws and rules etc. Communication and existing Paperwork (found as PDF files in the Orgs folders in the Cloud) Define that possible extended Network of Networks.

    Organizations are Networks and any other Network wont be created but out of perhaps a great idea for one, Post Season events combining volunteer efforts to tackle Goals and Fundraising and promotion, breaking down barriers etc. I don't think so.

    Your scenario, very possible could use the League-Organization structure of a league Network and then sub Networks as Organizations, but Leagues only exist on paper and within a Pizza Parlor betwixt 2 members of each organization 3 - 6 times a year.

    A great vision would be to create this structure bringing the leagues together as one 10 orgs united yet this is not representative of the physical interaction, Multinetwork replicates it. Players literally can go to any Org and join in reality, Leagues that broke from Pop Warner did so to rid of the PG& E Bill and eliminate Boundaries. Now enter recruiting (Not allowed for the most part) etc., a reality, This makes for a thriving and very interesting Buddy Press. One that will better the relationships of the league Oficia... I mean League "Collaborators"

    With the plugin, I would think that the Network created from it's parent is treated just the same as another yet they are joined and users are a part of each network without the join plugin which could be used to join other Organizations. I don't think they are a part of the main site at that point, thus have seperate social networks.

    I believe you are able to grab other Domains as well which is good because your parent site with Buddy Press enabled could now accept Users from the Network from other themes perhaps career related idk. The parent site could go MultiNetwork and grab hold of the Add On Domain and it would then be just one Network of many possible, all users traversing through the Networks.

    This scenario is also used as a standard with some schools and all Multi-Language Buddy Press installs because users can go from social Network to social Network and speak different languages.

    I missed Prime Time Twitter Time! Do you know a great Theme?

    "Have you ever wanted to create multiple social networks on a single install of BuddyPress. If yes, this plugin is for you. You can turn your WordPress Multisite/BuddyPress Install to multiple separate social networks using this plugin just like Ning. BuddyPress Multi Network plugin enables you to create separate social networks on a single BuddyPress Installation."

    Allow Multiple Separate BuddyPress Based social networks(with separate user base) on a WordPress Multisite Install

  • ITsupport

    Here's where I'm at with BuddyForum. Perhaps you have some insight on Plugins in WPMUDEV working with the "Wall" BuddyBoss just deployed. There is some code from someone last October in end here which pulls featured images from Posts to the Activity Stream from Multisite as well. I am interested in if you know the comments Global Comments will filter down this "Wall" Thanks! - Ryan
    Convo with BP:

    Hello, I have Recent Global Comments by wpmudev and comments indexer plugins installed though have not dug into it. I have no problem getting the Wall, though are they the same? Same thing with rtMedia vs the Gallery in Buddy Boss. Is it suggested to get the Gallery and Wall and move away from the aforementioned? Also, I have Ultimate Facebook Integration which is excellent and works with Buddyboss incredibly. Thanks for the Great Buddyboss, Please help me decide what is best. Then it all is perfect : )


    BuddyBoss Media vs RTMedia – my understanding is that RT can do some things BB can’t. But from what I’ve read elsewhere RT code is considered to be nowhere near as clean, and the plugin isn’t as nice to use as BB. My advice would be to wait for the next release of BB Media, I believe new features are coming. Global Comments and Indexer looks to be something designed for multisite installs. I’m not sure if that’s what you have setup, and I’m not familiar with BB Wall across a multisite config to be honest. @tjchester any ideas?

    Here is code to bring in feature post pic to Activity but this is not a biggie to me.
    #buddypress div.activity-comments div.acomment-content img {
    display: none;
    so just to recap the steps:
    1. add the function to display the featured image inside the post to content.php

    <?php if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) : ?>
    <?php the_post_thumbnail('full'); ?>

    <?php endif; ?>
    right after this part
    </div><!– .entry-meta –>`

    2. add your code to functions.php-

    function icondeposit_bp_activity_entry_meta() {

    if ( bp_get_activity_object_name() == 'blogs' && bp_get_activity_type() == 'new_blog_post' ) {?>
    global $wpdb, $post, $bp;
    $theimg = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id( bp_get_activity_secondary_item_id() ) );
    <img src="<?php echo $theimg[0]; ? />" >

    <?php }

    add_action('bp_activity_excerpt_append_text', 'icondeposit_bp_activity_entry_meta');
    3. add this css to custom.css

    .activity-list .activity-content img.thumbnail {display:none;}

    #buddypress div.activity-comments div.acomment-content img {
    display: none;

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Ryan ODonnell,

    Please accept my apologies for the delays encountered here, I realize that this has been going on a lot longer than it should've. :slight_frown:

    After going over what you've said here, I'm curious:

    I am interested in if you know the comments Global Comments will filter down this "Wall"

    Are you asking if the global comments indexed by Post Indexer will be shown inside of the wall produced by BuddyBoss's Wall plugin?

    If so, then I wouldn't think so, as the post comments would be indexed, which would be separate from BuddyPress's Activity Streams.

    Please advise,

    P.S. I've left myself a special notification, so that I don't miss your reply here.

  • ITsupport

    Yes Hi Michael.

    I am closing in on this project. I just need to figure a couple things out. Having Spam major issues. I am going to grant access now so you can check out. This project is interesting. then we can look at the Multisites I create tonight. Then see if the Indexer and global comments can be pulled through.

    As of right now I am basically trying to hide the Wall so no one sees the spam. Wanguard, honeypots the whole nine yards


  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Ryan ODonnell,

    As of right now I am basically trying to hide the Wall so no one sees the spam. Wanguard, honeypots the whole nine yards

    Not sure that I follow here, are you trying to hide the fact that the Wall's been spammed? Or are you trying to keep people from spamming the wall?

    Could you elaborate as to what you're wanting me to do here?

    Also, I didn't see that Support Access was enabled here, could you enable it please?

    Kind Regards,

  • ITsupport

    I enabled Access. Thanks! Both. I stated some problems in another ticket. Check Wangaurd. See if I should put a honeypot in manually or is Wanguard going to do that as it says. Should I rename Register to Membership Signup as I have done in past. Jetpack intervened and put a "Captcha" math problem so they say to stop brute force attackes that cause my ip to be blacklisted so I whitelisted it at Since then everything has been good. but I just used SEO wizard on logicsystems to get rid of a bunch of urls so going to do the same. I went into php admin and deleted all activity in is_spam. most was already marked spam w/ 1. Want to build up and keep the Wall clean. I also think there is residual links etc to remove. I cleaned the head and checked all things in Youst but I need to use Google Webmaster to communicate with the shortlink that is no longer included due to checking remove shortlink in options of youst seo. don't know how to do that. Same topic Google Plus has never been able to work but that is least of taskes I need to get her going. It's looking good though.


  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Ryan ODonnell,

    Check Wangaurd. See if I should put a honeypot in manually or is Wanguard going to do that as it says.

    It should be doing that, as I'm seeing that the "Enable honeypot fields" box is checked inside of:

    WangGuard -> Configuration -> WangGuard Settings

    Should I rename Register to Membership Signup as I have done in past.

    You can if you wish. :slight_smile:

    As for the rest of your questions, as you had mentioned that they were being addressed elsewhere, we'll want to wrap up this thread here, as we've already gone quite a ways off the original topic that started this thread.

    Hope your week has been going well! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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