Multipart email issues


I'm just experimenting with the e-Newsletter plugin, and found a couple of issues.

The text based multipart letter doesn't have any paragraph formatting at all, and it doesn't add the URL version of linked content anywhere.

The HTML version of the email looks awesome, but the text version is not so great.

The issues:

1. The absence of automatically converted links I can still handle, I'll just paste in the full URLs instead of linking.

2. But the unsubscribe "link" is non existent as well, which basically means breaking the law...

3. Also, the lack of paragraph formatting makes the text version unreadable.

4. The From line and the first line in the email are indented by about 10 tabs.

5. There is a 10 line break between the subject and the from line, as well as the last line and the unsubscribe line.

Here is the text version of the multipart letter, the extra lines and the indents don't show up, but run a test and you'll see:

New lesson - Under the Bridge by RHCP

From Tom Fontana -
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce non urna et nibh interdum egestas vel at diam. Fusce pulvinar facilisis neque vel molestie. Duis id massa urna.Cras eu feugiat urna. In mattis eleifend lacus fringilla condimentum. Cras sit amet turpis nibh, sit amet egestas magna. Duis orci risus, lacinia lobortis bibendum ac, tempus in orci. Fusce lacinia sapien ut nibh fringilla pharetra id ut dui.Donec venenatis felis quis odio gravida fringilla. Mauris auctor leo ac elit feugiat a ultricies turpis posuere. Integer laoreet imperdiet sollicitudin. Cras semper nisl nec magna vehicula viverra. Proin volutpat dui at enim malesuada porta. Nulla facilisi. Suspendisse potenti. Nulla vitae auctor ante. Quisque sit amet mauris arcu, et tincidunt massa.

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Can you guys correct these things please?