multiple access levels

Can I assign more than one level per member?

  • marshal_datkowitz

    Hi Patrick,

    Here is the use case. A member moves up the organization and now has new responsibilities which includes access to protected pages. The protected pages are accessed via new menu items. I'd think the way to do this is to add the new access level to the member - that way the member has their original access plus the additional access supplied by the new level. I have tried to add the level with just the new menu item and I tried to add all the previous menu items plus the new menu items. Both don't work, in the first case the new menu item is not added, in the second case the entire menu is removed.

    Since in the Edit Members page I can Add, Move and Drop Membership Levels, that would be the way to adjust a users access.

    I'd like to make this as simple for the users as I can, I don't want to change their subscriptions I just wanted to change their access to specific pages.

    Having a member have more than one account seems complicated.

    Thanks for your help,


  • Patrick

    Hiya @marshal_datkowitz

    Yup. The suggestion by @Zyniker is likely the easiest way, and it would automatically assign the correct access levels to your users.

    Simply create however many subscriptions you need, and include the appropriate access levels in each. Here's a sample hierarchy that may (or may not) apply to the structure of your organization:

    Clerk = Sub 1 (access level A only)
    Admin assistant = Sub 2 (access levels A + B)
    Director = Sub 3 (access levels A + B + C)
    CEO = Sub 4 (access levels A + B + C + D)

    When a member moves up in your organization, simply assign the new subscription to that member.

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

  • MScott821

    Ok, so i am not clear on exactly how this works...

    I wuld expect that a user can sign up for as many memberships as may be offered, each independently. That doesn't seem like a rare requirement by any stretch of the imagination. Is this not possible?

    Scenario: On one of my sites I plan to offer various memberships for techincal / best practices coaching, related but separate.
    Let's say 1 for Photoshop, 1 for WordPress, and another for Zoho CRM.

    So once a user signs up for one, he/she cannot just signup / add an additonal module to their current profile? Benefits being: access to all of your content at the same time and only having to sign inonce... (At the very least...)

    A problem i see with the changing subscription method, in addition to the one(s) already pointed out by Marshall: A user has paid for a period under a single module subscription, decides that she wants to now add an additional module to her already existing module. If she signs up for the subscription which contains the two modules she wants, isn't she removing herself from the current subsciption and adding/moving to the new one? Thereby resetting the clock on her previously existing single module? I.e. - forfeiting what period of already paid time that was on the module?

    Hope this makes sense...

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