Multiple Access levels per subscription

I will be selling some training subscriptions on my site. there are three different types of training. A user might sign up for any of them, or they may sign up as a full member. As a full member, they would need to have access to all content that each of the other levels have access to. I will be protecting the content on many pages (mostly events) with the membership short codes. If the content is related to level-1, then any level-1 or level-full member should be able to see it. I looks like I would have to enter the content between the level-1 short codes and then enter it again between the level-full short codes. Is there any way to only enter this information in once, and have both levels be able to access the content? I have tried to add multiple levels to a subscription, but that does not seem to work. That just changes the membership level after the first one expires.