Multiple admins on support system?

We're running the support system plugin and love it. However, It only recognizes one of our admins as an admin in the support system. We have several that provide support, and we need them all to show as admin in the plugin.

Currently, all of the admin's usernames are listed in the site admin block in wp-admin/wpmu-options.php, they are listed as admin users in the 'edit blog' page of the main blog running wpmu, they are listed as admin in the full list of users for that blog, but they show as users in the Support System.

They do have access to tickets and can work on them, however their posts are listed as 'User' instead of 'Administrator' and they are unable to claim a ticket. It remains open even when they've posted to it.

So, any idea on how to make these other users administrators in support system?