Multiple and Frequent wp-chron.php processes…

I’m getting a LOT of Multiple and Frequent wp-chron.php processes which seem to almost always be running. It seems strange that wp-chron.php should be executing so often and in multiple instances on the same domain. I’m usually seeing multiple index.php processes as well. Of course it’s hard to tell, but I don’t get a lot of traffic and when I do a page load when only TOP and jail-shell are running I can get up to 10 more processes going, almost all index.php and wp-chron.php. This just doesn’t seem right and eats a lot of CPU cycles. Is there a way to reduce or eliminate these multiple cron processes? Is there a tutorial or tech page that explains how this works? I’ve done a lot of searches but am not finding what I am looking for… Any advice? I know this is a pretty deep one :smiley:

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    Hello there @dolphinneas, I hope you’re well today!

    The index.php file is called everytime your site is accessed. That’s perfectly normal and it’s the way webservers work. Without accessing that file your site would simply not exist (unless you have a caching plugin installed that generates static HTML pages content from your pages and uses rewrite rules to redirect to your cached pages, bypassing the PHP server).

    wp-cron is normally run every few minutes on your site and it’s perfectly normal too. It’s WordPress’s way of sending emails in time, performing maintenance tasks, publish scheduled posts and so on.

    On a site with normal to high traffic, these crons run normally.

    On a site with really low traffic though, these crons line up and they run when a user hits your site.

    Nothing to worry about…

    My suggestion would be to use a caching plugin such as W3 Total cache: or WP Super cache:

    I hope that helps!



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