Multiple Appointment locations

I have a client with the exact scenario described here:

On Mon, Tues she is in City A offering services 1-7, Wed-Sat she is in City B offering services 1-7. I have locations turned on in the plugin.

To date I have created a second (dummy) service provider assigned to the City B, offering services 1-7 on the assigned days.

In terms of the front-end, it means the customer must select the location first, as that restricts the available days for the booking.

The shortcode provided ([app_required_service_locations autorefresh=”1″]) does not work.

Ideally, the solution will work with the Ajax [app_combo] wrapper, as this provides the cleanest interface and best control over the booking process: Choose location (automatically selects service provider A or Dummy B), choose a service, select a date from the available two-month calendar (now restricted by location, and therefor available booking days), select a booking time, make payment.)

If it made a difference, we would be willing to create 14 services (City A/CityB) and one service provider if that works better in terms of flow… but it seemed the second (dummy) service provider for CityB, had the best chance of working the way we expect.

Thanks in advance!