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I've downloaded the Network theme and installed on multisite 3.1.1. I have 4 sites in the network. Right now I have it configured to exclude 3 of the 4 sites. The Network theme only pulls 1 blog from this featured site, I want it to fill the front page with posts from this site. I've played around with different configuration settings and cannot get it to grab more than 1. Is there a setting I'm missing?

  • Philip John
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    Hiya Shane,

    By default Network only shows 1 post per blog. If you wanted to show multiple posts from the same blog you'd need to edit the theme yourself to achieve that.

    If you're not comfortable with editing it yourself you might want to try posting on the job board for someone who could do it for you.


  • DavidM
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    Hi Shane,

    We're happy to give general guidance when it comes to such customizations but as the theme isn't designed for the specific use you've mentioned, you may want to consider using our job board to get that done.

    That said, as Mohanjith mentioned in chat, you should find a good start to this process in the files:

  • byron
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    In terms of general guidance in updating functions in those two mentioned files, what is the best strategy for overriding functions from a child theme in a parent like Network?

    Simply duplicating and editing the files as a whole in the child theme folder structure does not appear to work as a method for overriding as the files do not appear to be acknowledged by WP.

    Creating a matching, edited version of just the function in the child themes functions.php creates a conflict since the parent version is attempting to reload after the child theme version.

    Any good tips or best practices when it comes to overriding parent them functions?

  • Tammie
    • WordPress Wizard

    You can use the child / parent structure for functions but may have to edit to either use something like !function found ie; if no function show this in parent OR go with the new name in child and new function.

    It all depends on what you are doing with the child as to what you will find. The core files are not designed to be changed directly as a developer would use one of the above methods I suggested.

  • byron
    • New Recruit

    We'd rather not edit the core (parent) files, but we do wish to have the same functionality as @shane requested earlier in this thread.

    I thought if we duplicated the custom-functions.php file that it would override the core, but it doesn't appear to work that way.

    If we go with new name in child that still means editing the <strike>custom-functions.php</strike> featured-content.php on each new upgrade from WPMUDev, but I guess it's a simple one line change if I am reading the code correct.

    Sorry for hi-jacking @shane's thread

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