Multiple BuddyPress Sites on a WPMS Network sharing users & Profiles

Multiple BuddyPress installs on a network can be done, but can they all share users and profile information.

Last time i tried this i Used WP Multi Networks plugin and Buddypress

I do not want multiple network or network of networks. Just one WPMS with multiple BP sites that share profiles and users.

This is as close as i can find out the box

It allows users to belong to each site, but does not share profiles and other user information.

I know it sounds "Uh Why would you want to do this" but it does have a practical use for my needs!

So any ideas???? lol


  • Mark Wallace

    Sorry there was a lot of information there, lol

    1. One WPMS or one WordPress Network.
    2. Main site BuddyPress
    3. Multiple sub sites to have separate BuddyPress installs
    4. Some sub-sites to have no BuddyPress installs

    My Cat wants a social network for her friends for cats needs "plugins"
    My Dog wants a separate network for her friends for dogs needs "plugins"
    My Lizard wants a separate network for ITS friends for lizards needs "plugins"

    None of these would have other blogs/sites associated w/ them.

    They all have separate needs that if combined in one install, the options "plugins" of what they can do are "overwhelming"!

    I want a separate network for them all to play nicely together, and only have one profile/dashboard to learn/manage. Not 4 different setups?

    Believe i can use "Join My Multisite" to make it easy for each user to join all sites, but how to bring their profiles together and deal with different options "Plugins" is the problem.

    Same old thing that baffles developers. "Why break something apart just to bring it back together again" lol

    Hope that better explains what i am wanting?

    Thanks! :slight_smile:

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Mark Wall,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your clarification.

    I can't say I've tried to use join my multisite with this particular sort of setup, but I don't believe it'll work as you expect it to, it's designed to allow you to add all users automatically to those other sub sites.

    But with your setup, for it to work as you want, it'll be a network of networks with each network having a BuddyPress site, if this makes sense?

    Personally I would recommend using separate installs and using something like managewp to manage your plugin updates, push content to every site etc.

    I wouldn't recommend going down the network of networks route. :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • Mark Wallace

    @Jack Kitterhing
    Network of Networks,lol that brings back some bad memories.
    BuddyPress multi-network is different. you can activate it just through the wp-config and every sub-site will share the same BuddyPress pages/profiles, or you can add the BuddyPress multi-network plugin and have each sub-site as its own BuddyPress site. None of this is good if you want regular WP sub sites. Join my network works w/ both of these, but every plugin has to be BuddyPress compatible to work right. I really do not recommend using these setups unless you understand why you are doing it, and understand the limitation you are placing on your network.

    I solved my issue above, but now it's a matter of being willing to sacrifice certain plugins I want to keep. I am going to check this managewp out though. Might be the solution to keeping a sub-domain for a strictly wp Network integrated w/ the BuddyPress network, or vice versa.... Curious!!!

    Thanks Jack!

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