Multiple BuddyPress user types/user fields…final attempt

I need to set up levels/roles for users on my site. When a user signs up, they need to be given an option to select which kind of profile they want to sign up for. Once they select the type of profile, it will then give them appropriate registration categories (which will show accordingly with their profile). For example: models need to have height, weight, eye color and so on…musicians need to have band name, location and other music related things for their profiles. Here is a screenshot of what I’m trying to accomplish:

i don’t mind if the user has a very basic profile sign up initially. for example…the user signs up, and selects their profile type. then after activating their account, THEN they “edit” their profile and fill in the appropriate details for their profile type.

there must be fifty different ways of doing this…i could care less which way has to be done, i just need it done. i have seen plugins that claim to do this, and documentation online that is all old…nothing yet has seemed to work. i’ve been doing research on xprofiles and loops…but it’s all over my head…hence why i signed up for an account here. i know there is someone out there that knows how to do this…

thank you :slight_smile: