Multiple comment threads, same page.

I'm looking to embed multiple comment threads on the same page in BuddyPress. These threads would be separated with in-line tabs (Example: Each thread would have it's own topic and comments. Is this possible?

  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi there and welcome to the WPMU DEV Community for WordPress Support!

    I think what we all love about WordPress is that it's just so flexible. Anything you want to do, you can, it just takes some figuring. With that being said, is the Mingle Theme the one that you are planning to use? It's pretty powerful, but kind of confusing at times. Tell us more about your plans and we'll see how we can help!


    Hakan's Hint: No need to edit your style.css to make change appointment pages. Add your custom css to Additional CSS Rules setting of A+.

  • Dandy

    Right now I've become pretty comfortable with the Mingle Theme, so I think I'll go with it for what we're trying to do.

    The overall goal is to have an online community where any member can submit an idea for a mobile app, and other members of the community can both vote for the ones they like, but also contribute to various aspects of the idea (suggesting names, taglines, features, identifying similar apps, etc.).

    We've setup custom post type in Wordpress and configured CustomPress to allow any user to submit their idea through a custom form. We've setup idea voting through WPMU's Post Voting Plugin (not ideal, but working).

    The specific problem is to have multiple discussion threads happening on each "app idea page" (one for each aspect - name, tagline, features, etc.).

    Is this making sense?

  • mort3n

    Hi dandy,

    To me what you describe sounds a lot like a discussion forum which indeed displays (the topics of) multiple discussion threads.

    Could it be more a matter of content organization than of presentation?

    I'm thinking that the fundamental unit here is an App idea. This should have a lot of information, interaction in various ways etc. attached.

    To me that is essentially a BuddyPress group with assorted features.

    Just to pin out my suggestion:

    When an App idea is submitted a corresponding BP group is created. This group could have the features you need e.g a forum etc.

    Is this a feasible approach for you?


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