Multiple custom fields for multiple maps

Is there a way to add multiple custom fields of adresss so one will be able to add few maps for one post? For example for directory plugin one business mightl have few locations that he wants to add maps for.

  • Kimberly


    Hi there! I hope I understand what you are looking for...

    Are you looking to put multiple locations on one map?

    This is an excerpt from the instructions and use guide on the Google Maps plugin

    Adding a Google Map to a Post or Page

    1. Click on the Add Map icon.
    2. Add the address of the location you want to add and then click Add. This adds a place marker to your map and displays the location at the bottom of the map.
    3. To add more location(s), just add the address(es) and then click Add.
    4. Alternatively you can add a location(s) by zooming in on your map, click on Drop Marker to add a Marker to your Map and then drag/drop it to the desired location.
    5. Next give your map a name.

    If this doesn't give you what you need please feel free to come back and re-open the thread. We will rally back to help :slight_smile: Just be sure to check 'not resolved' or we might miss you!



  • fitoussi

    Hi Kimberly ,
    Thank you, but This is not what I need to do. I need to have Mulitple maps or one map with multiple locations for one post using custom fields for address. Right now under the "settings" of the plugin there is one text box to enter the name of the custom field that will hold the address . This way If a post have the custom field address and its value is an actuall adress Then the map will be automatically created for the post. My question is if there is a way to add multiple text boxes (under settings) for multiple custom fields or maybe use Mulitple cutom fields names in the same text box ( maybe comma between them ). So this way a user will be able to add few locations to the post using custom fields.

  • Kimberly

    I used the address field to input all of the addresses, I thought this was the function you were looking for.

    My apologies for not understanding. I thought you wanted to show various locations of one business on a map by inputting the address.

    So you are wanting to use your custom field to input an address and have that generate a map?

    I'll do some more looking into this, in the meantime if you could offer anything that might put me on the right track to help.


  • fitoussi

    Hi KImberly,
    i already know how to use the address custom field to generate a map. what i am looking to find out is if i can use few custom fields of address to generate few maps or one map with few locations.

    now i have one custom field called "address". so in the google map plugin settings i put "address" in the input box for custom field (see image). that give me the option to generate one map per post using this address custom field.
    now, i want to create more custom fields "address-2" and "address-3" and use them to generate 3 maps for the same post. the thing is that in the setting of the plugin there is only one box. so i want to know if the is a way that i am not aware of or maybe a hack to get more boxes or maybe to use the same box for few custom fields.

    i am sorry i am not very good in explaining things :slight_smile:

  • Kimberly


    GOTCHA! :slight_smile:

    I guess where I am getting confused is that you don't need another custom field to put multiple addresses on the map. The one field has the capability to do that. Once you enter your first address and click Add you can enter a new address, click Add and it puts that on the map as well.
    After you insert the map you can add another by clicking Create New Map. You can even merge the multiple maps you created.

    I guess this is why I'm confused

    now, i want to create more custom fields "address-2" and "address-3" and use them to generate 3 maps for the same post.

    this plugin already has the capability to make 3 maps for the same post.

    does this help?


  • Kimberly

    From what you're explaining to me you want the end result to be a map with multiple locations, or multiple maps showing various locations.

    generate few maps or one map with few locations

    So this way a user will be able to add few locations to the post

    The plugin has the capability to do the things you are asking, however it's just not doing it in the way you want it to.

    I'm sure there is a way to code additional fields. If you are looking to do that then you can put in a custom support ticket with a developer to get this sorted for you. Unfortunately we don't support the redesign of plugins in the fourms.

    Sorry for the lapse in communication!