Multiple Database Questions

Simple questions after finally getting this going and please excuse my ignorance:

1) Once the conversion is done and everything seems to be working, can I edit out the “old database” information out of config.php? Assuming it no longer is needed. Does it really matter?

2) New blogs are automatically added to the right DB by their hash? Is that correct? Don’t have to do it through the scripts?

3) I am using 16 databases and seriously ever doubt to need more than that, but is the process to get to more than 16 database (256) easy enough?

4) Other than wp-db.php there really isn’t any other things that we need to watch for with the upcoming “new” release above 1.3.3?

5) The VIP-Blog move tool with DB-Console seems pretty cool. Is the major benefit that VIP blogs can have their own “dedicated” database? Is there any other benefit?

I know these are really simple questions with more than likely simple answers, but reading through the threads, I wasn’t able to really get definitively clear answers. If they are there, I apologize in advance :slight_smile: