Multiple day events in Events+ selling tickets to individual days

I want to set up a 2-day event in the Events+ plugin where I can charge $12 for an individual day and $20 for both days. Do I need to set this up as two separate Events? If so, how tdo I offer the discounted price for the two full days?

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Dan,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    I've done some testing and there's a couple of possible workarounds here.

    The events as a two day event is treated as a single event, so it only allows for one price entry.

    So you'd need two events, (or possibly three, depending on the setup).

    So you could have, event part 1, event part 2, as two events with separate prices, then event combined with part 1 and 2 and providing a discounted price, you could then link to that event on each other even if that makes sense?


    Kind Regards

  • dmuchnok

    Hi Jack,

    Thanks for the quick response! Here's what I'm testing right now:

    I installed Marketpress and added an Event Product with three variations, Day1, Day2, and BothDays - priced accodingly. Now I am linking the single event to the Event product and hopefully I will be able to see the three variations show up when I "Attend" the event.

    Actually, this solves another issue for me in that I am trying to also sell admission to Workshops during the event. So now, an attendee can sign up for a day or two of the vent and also attend some workshops and pay just once through a shopping cart! All I have to do now is to figure out how to provide the downloadable tickets.

    Thanks again!

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