Multiple domains on the main blog of a network


I have a blog network in and access all “sublogs” as normal (,…..)

I need that the same network be accesible using, but the domain must not change (i.e.,, etc.)

Don´t worry about SEO, the network will be in an intranet.

Have you any solution?

(sorry for my english, my main language is Spanish)



  • Shawn
    • The Crimson Coder

    I don’t believe there’s anything out there to accomplish this right now. There are several issues – every URL in each post automatically inserts a complete canonical URL (including domain), even if it’s just to the next page in a series. To get around that, the content would have to be rewritten on every display to ensure the canonical domain was replaced with the active domain in each piece of content. And in each menu. Category… and so on. It’s a lot of changes from core functionality.

    Since this is an intranet it might be better to setup a proxy that rewrites everything for you automatically. That would address URL replacement issues everywhere they appear, and wouldn’t become an issue for you in maintaining your WP install, as everything is done thru the proxy.

  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there, as Shawn mentioned this isn’t currently possible.

    The closest thing we have is Multi Domains, but and would still be different sites.

    You would unfortunately need some custom work there to achieve this.

    Maybe some other members would have a suggestion.

    I’m thinking if you don’t mind about forwarding then you could do some clever regex in htaccess so that it forwards one to the other taking the last part as a constant.

    Take care.

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