Multiple drop down product variations.

I am very disappointed, and I believe it is very deceiving to claim you are better then other plugins and can not support such a fundamental requirement for a shopping cart.

This feature was last requested in april 2012, so its been a long time for the developers to implement this.


  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    hiya @iamhasanali

    thankyou for your feedback. We have a lot of requests for new features from many people. some get added, some don’t. some will also take longer than people think to develop. I will pass your feedback & request back to the developers.

    But if you need this done quickly & know someone who could make these changes, then I’m sure our developers will review the code & implement it much more quickly.

    The source-code is open, so anyone can feel free to donate code & improvements for review.

    hope this helps.

  • iamhasanali
    • New Recruit

    Thanks Vaughan

    But no it doesnt help at all. There are countless threads from past 2 years asking for this feature or something similar. I can list down threads Iv been reading trying to find some solution.

    p.s marketpress page should state multiple product variations are not supported and it is not the most powerful ecommerce plugin instead of deceitful marketing.

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