Multiple email addresses for non-admin accounts


I need multiple email addresses for a single account, where the additional email addresses will receive notifications alongside the main account holder’s email. This is NOT for administrators.

Long story:

I’m working on a cub scout site. They would like to have *one* user/login for a single family unit. So (for example) you’ll have dad sign up with a username/password, but mom wants to get notifications, too (and have access to the site for the parental access to information) so there’s additional fields added to the usermeta for mom’s info, and maybe grandma, too.

The thing is, the notification system only recognizes dad’s email address (because he’s the main account holder), and ignores mom, so dad is constantly having to forward emails to mom, and sometimes he forgets and then the cub scout misses out on stuff (ask me how I know LOL).

I know we *could* set up each parent with their own login, etc. but from a management standpoint, it’s a lot easier to have a *family* on a single account, rather than a family with each member having their own account (so when their info needs updated, you only have to edit one account, rather than multiples. These updates occur every year, at minimum – when a cub scout moves up the ranks, or one leaves and needs to lose access to the system, etc.)

I’m redoing the site using BuddyPress and Memberships (along with a few other WPMUDev plugins for group messaging, etc.) and I was wondering if there was already something set up for allowing multiple email addresses for a single account to get notifications, or if there’s a plugin somewhere I’m not finding that can do this, or if there was some method to add this with a function (maybe a hook somewhere, I could mess with?) to make it happen – I’d just need to know where to start looking.