multiple events, one pass purchase

Hello. I have created a recurring event for a series of group meeting that runs weekly until April 5th.

I am charging a set price for a 'pass' to this series of events. This pass gets you into all events, or however many you wish to attend. The price should remain constant - but purchase only needs to happen once. I have integrated MarketPress to sell a 'ticket', however, users are being prompted to buy a ticket to each individual event. I only need to sell one ticket that gets you access to all events.

I do not see how, in events+, I can do this. Can you please advise? Maybe I need to consider using a different plugin?

  • Patrick
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    Hi there Carl

    I hope you're having a great day!

    I'm afraid there is no built-in way to create a package of products or events.

    But if the "pass" gets the buyer into all events, I would recommend simply creating a single event, with the event date corresponding to the first one in the series. You could then simply provide details about each additional event in the series in the description, like this simple example:

  • Carl
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks. I actually bailed on using the events+ plugin and opted for making it a Membership2 based group, with payment to be part of the group instead. Essentially got the functionality I wanted and may look later to see if you have a calendar that I can integrate, or I'll just build one myself.

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