Multiple instances as packages

Hi there,
I am trying to achieve the following and cant see if it is possible to do it. can you help please.
I would like to sell. Packages to my clients to host their blogs on.
For example
package 1: = 1 x instance of wordpress on my multisite network. (1 blog) $5
package 2: = 3 instances of wordpress on my network (3 blogs) $15
page 3 = 5 instances of wordpress on my network ( 5 blogs) $20 - as an example
etc etc.
When the user selects say package 2. Then 2 x prosites are set up.
I cant seem to see if this is possible or not. I was looking at the WHMCS plugins as well and again I can t be sure how to do it.
Can you help please?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Matt,

    This would require customization, as right now with Pro Sites you can allow either 1 site per user or unlimited sites per user. I do think limiting sites per pro level would be cool, but the difficulty is that the pro site level is attached to the site itself and not the user. The user can have different pro site levels depending which site they are currently viewing, they might be "Bronze" pro on one site but then have a "Gold" pro site on another. So it would be difficult to limit sites based on that. It's something our developer has looked into before and I believe would require a big customization to how Pro Sites works.

    Same would go for WHMCS, as you wouldn't be able to restrict the number of sites the user creates.

    A route you could take is using something like our Membership 2 plugin and offering those packages as memberships then you could create and issue the sites depends on the membership they subscribe too. You could allow Pro Sites to let them have 1 site to begin with then you issue them the others - that way they wouldn't be left without any sites in the beginning. I know that's not exactly ideal, but without further customization that is best option I can think of :slight_smile:

    If you have any further questions on this just let us know!


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