Multiple Issues after updating

1. All my photos are blurry until chosen and popup window appears
2. When I changed the first two Store Pages - Store Base and Product List (STORE SETTINGS>PRESENTATION>STORE PAGES) from "Choose A Page", the store no longer worked past the first page. I'm unable to make those two options blank again. If not blank, then what should they be?
3. Before I changed those store page settings, everything worked well up until you clicked "Checkout" nothing happened...didn't go anywhere. I only accept manual payments.
4. Once I get this store up and running correctly, I need to move this particular store to another site. The online chat support recommended Snapshot, which I used, but didn't seem to work. I ONLY need the store from to be put on The products on the clone site are OLD and need to be replaced with the products on I have granted access to both sites.