Multiple issues and questions with appointment+

Having multiple issues on this page.

This is a product I setup in Marketpress that uses Appointment+.

I need to be able to change the text "Click on a free time slot to apply for an appointment." to Click here to book a Tee Time" . How and where do I do that?

Second, at the bottom of the page it has a Uncategorized from somewhere. Where is that coming from and how do I get rid of it?

Third, when I click to select an appointment, I need to modify the text that shows up in the box. PLEASE CHECK THE APPOINTMENT DETAILS BELOW AND CONFIRM: and the button that sends it. Where is this and how do I change it?

Lastly, when I click Add to cart, it does, then it fades away. I need a way for the Checkout Button to show up after that fades off. Right now you recommend using all shortcodes, which is ok, but they don't "flow" anywhere. The process look disjointed and doesn't really lead the client in any certain direction. Is there a way to autoforward them to the cart once they add the tee time?