Multiple issues with Membership 2


I’m having multiple issues with this plugin as of recent. It has been working fine for a month or two and then it started sending out multiple invoices for one transaction to each client.

And then a few days later it started with more problems –

1) Users sign up but and are able to pay for a membership (Payment received in my paypal) and they are unable to access protected content. They get a pending status.

2) I then try to manually add it to there account from selecting there user profile then selecting an account. Upon clicking save changes it takes me to a blank white page.

3) When users are now signing up they are getting – a failed message saying try again.

Could you please help as i really like this plugin but if it persists then i will cancel and move onto something else which is not what i want to do at all!

I really hope you can help me and if you need access to my WordPress admin area then please do ask!

Kind Regards

Loyal customer – Reece